Leadership. lighting the way.

A diverse team of talented professionals comprise Xavier Communications. Sunny Beth White and Levi Hall provide the guiding light.

Sunny White

Sunny Beth White

Sunny Beth White

Founder & CEO

Sunny is Founder & CEO of Xavier Communications, LLC. (XComm), promoting the healthcare industry – its people, products, offerings, and achievements. Xavier Communications has expertise with Life Science clients including: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device/Manufacturing, Biotech, and Hospital Systems. Sunny is the point person for building your brand into a “Powerhouse.” She sets strategy and direction for operations, service delivery, and customer focus. Sunny brings a wealth of experience from building start-ups and leading communications, compliance, and sales for rapid growth companies. She never lets up when it comes to growing your business through the power of branding & communications. Sunny earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, graduating magna cum laude from Saint Michael’s college. She later went on to complete an MBA with a concentration in International Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University Haub School of Business.

Levi Hall

Account Director

Levi believes that PR is the single most effective platform in promoting a technology based offering. She is a disciplined champion who builds a brand from the strong foundation of proven clinical data backed by the real story as told to physicians by their peers. Key opinion leaders are at the heart of Levi’s network and she connects with them with an authentic and relatable approach. Listening is the tool of choice for Levi as she takes the time needed to fully understand the learned perspective of physicians and interprets their findings in a meaningful way to influence the industry with real-life stories that engage respected peers and influence adoption. Levi has engaged at every level of brand promotion while leading global and country-specific marketing programs for multiple product lines to support revenue growth and increase market share. She served in executive management positions with global marketing responsibility and believes PR is the perfect vehicle to collect and package all of this content and deliver through channels that are naturally embraced by the target audience.