We specialize in limelight

At Xavier Communications, we're not just experts in strategic public relations.

We’re also deeply knowledgeable about healthcare. That means we understand the stakeholders, the relationships, the dynamics, the trends, the issues and the politics that make healthcare all that it is today. We’re comfortable with science, technology and clinical data as well.

We are, in other words, well-prepared and perfectly positioned to serve as your key resource for shedding light on your company and brand.

Our Public Relations services fall into three specific areas of focus


  • Media outreach
  • Spokespersons
  • Industry insights
  • Press releases for business wires and trade media


  • Medical media/trade press positioning
  • Trade articles written by KOLs
  • Industry news
  • Product and technology features
  • Company appointments
  • Clinical cases/clinical evidence
  • Industry education


  • Patient education
  • New therapy introductions
  • Targeted campaigns at health and lifestyle channels
  • Physician-to-patient communications
  • Healthcare and consumer trend analysis

In each case, our end goal is maximum exposure and coverage for our clients—always in the best possible light.